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Easy DIY Spring Vase Tutorial Project

Spring is in the air and time to brighten up the home after a long dark winter.  I started much earlier than most since I live in the desert and well, winter just didn’t happen this year for us.  Today, I want to show you a great way to dress up  a normally blah looking vase.  I think you will find this an easy DIY Spring vase project.  I am all about easy!

Materials Needed

  • Vase – 7 3/4 inches tall give or take and about 1/4 of an inch in diameter.  A Pirouline tin (that hold those yummy straw cookies works perfect) just look around your home you’ll find something!  The cookie tin however works wonders..
  • Paper Straws – I use Paper Mart for most of my crafting supplies.  Take a look they are .89 cents for 10.  They have a wide selection but you can also find them at Target.  You will need 4 packets of 10 for this project.
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Jute Twine
  • Scissors




  • Wrap your vase with double sided tape
  • Wrap twine tightly around vase so it sticks to the tape it should like the photo above
  • Take two pieces of double sided tape wrap one piece at the top & bottom of vase over jute.

It should look like this below……


Now you will place the straws onto the vase like so, below…


For added charm wrap some twine around the middle and attach a pretty charm to it.  You can get charms at your local arts and crafts store on the cheap.


And there you have it!


I’d like to give credit to Amy Krist for this fabulous idea!  I hope you enjoy making yours as I did mine!  Until next time


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Organizing Your Craft Supplies

I am not sure about you but no matter how good my intentions are at organizing craft supplies, keeping them neat and orderly is a bit daunting.  It almost feels impossible at times.  However, I do have some tips that will help …Let’s start with….

Setting Up Your Space

Right now I am fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom that I have turned into my craft room which is full of shelves and cupboards, desk and work table.  However, not everyone has that extra space, it just so happens my kids are grown otherwise, I wouldn’t have it either!  If you don’t have an entire room to devote to your craft area, start out in the corner of a room.  The dining area usually is a great option for folks (and I still use mine), choose whatever room you have some extra space in.  I’ve even converted a walk in closet into a craft room before.


Devote an entire corner of the room just to your crafts.  If you can put up some shelving or even cupboards it will make life SO much easier.  Check out Pinterest for amazing DIY shelf options…seriously I bet you will find something that suits your space needs.  Check out second hand stores and restore!  Old dressers and small chest of drawers work great and I always recommend a combination of open cubby holes that stack neatly together to make a large wall unit.  I like to use these from Wal-Mart...


They are stackable AND you can mount them to the wall, they have clear see through drawers so you can see what is in them and easy to label.  Plus, they are quite roomy inside and budget friendly!  Under $20 for the 9 drawer unit.

Thrifty storage ideas...


  • Use mason jars…I use them for just about everything from holding pens, pencils, paint brushes…mason jars are amazing for craft storage…I can rattle on about them for ever
  • Shoe boxes or any cardboard boxes work well
  • Coffee cans & ice cream pails

Let your imagination run wild.  I mean, you have craft supplies right?  You could do this


I saw this on Pinterest…I have a lot of fabric scraps and now I use them to make coffee cans, soup cans etc…pretty! Personalize your crafting area using decoupage, painting techniques or with products such as vinyl decor, stickers or rub-ons.  I am about to put this expression on my craft room wall from Uppercase Living…I’ll show it to you when I get the expression up.


You will get a lot more crafting done if you can leave unfinished projects out on your work table and ready when ever there are a few spare moments.  A card table is handy it is small enough to be out of the way yet roomy enough for two people to work together.  Another plus, it can be folded up and put away when needed.

Gathering and Sorting Supplies

As you gather supplies, sort them in a way that makes sense to you.  What works best for me might not work for you.  The key is to sort things in an order you can flow easily with.  I am simple…I keep like things together, paint with paint, fabric with fabric etc…anymore complicated than that would make me crazier than I already am 🙂

Oh, and do try to clean up and put things away as soon as you are done with them or your space will clutter up fast, you’ll run out of room and get frustrated…please, don’t ask me how I know this UGH I am the QUEEN of procrastination in the clean up department so please don’t follow in my footsteps there … eeeeeeeeeek right?  It happens to the best of us!


What craft storage and/or organization methods do you use?  I’d love to hear your ideas, tips or see your craft room!

Until next time,







Color Decorating Tips

When The Blues Are Good For You

When it comes to the color blue many hues come to mind.  Today I’d like to talk about using the hues of light to aqua blue and teal.  I just think it is so fresh and beautiful myself and this is when I think having the blues is actually good for you 🙂



Light blues give off a sense of peace.  It dissolves tension and promotes tranquility.  Many often relate this color scheme to the ocean and beach.  Light blue especially brings ease into the home and harmony into relationships which makes it perfect in the bedroom for relaxation and unwinding after a long day.


blue collage jvuppercaseliving.jpg
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Decorating with Aqua and Teal color schemes inspires trust.  This is the color to use for ultimate relaxation.  Surround yourself with it when you have difficulty sleeping, dreaming or mediating.  Try an aqua duvet, vases or some decorative expressions and furniture.

What do you think about these colors?  What color(s) give you the warm and fuzzies?  Until next time.


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DIY Crafting

DIY Crafting Made Simple


Adding that special personal touch to your home decor with fun DIY and Crafting projects gives a person self satisfaction.  For one, it is unique and all your own and two, saves you a lot of headache trying to find that perfect idea in your thoughts running from store to store or browsing the internet for hours only to feel frustrated.

My goal is to get you in touch with your creative side from simple ideas for crafting home decorative accents to major DIY undertakings.  My take on it all is this, improving your home doesn’t have to be complicated (I am all for UN-complicated) or break the pocket book.  I am on a fixed income so trust me when I say I am always looking for budget friendly projects.

Stay tuned, I will be posting my first DIY Crafting idea soon!


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Coffee Lovers Rejoice

Coffee lovers rejoice🙌🏻.  It’s almost 4:00 p.m. and it’s time for me to call it on the work day.  Here I sit with my dark lover who holds the key to my sipping satisfaction.  A cup of freshly brewed Tully’s French Roast with a splash of hazelnut creamer.

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My passion for this luxurious beverage stems from childhood.  I don’t drink it for “energy” purposes but for the sheer love of the taste.  In fact, I can drink a pot of coffee before bed and sleep like a baby.  On that note, as I am sitting here I thought I’d research some fun coffee facts you might enjoy being a coffee lover too.

5 Fabulous Facts About Coffee

  1. Contains important nutrients to stay alive 😁 (OMGosh I now right?) A single cup of coffee contains 11% of the daily recommended amount of Riboflavin (vitamin B2), 6% of Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5), 3% of Manganese and Potassium, and 2% of Niacin and Magnesium.
  2. Coffee ☕️ isn’t actually dehydrating (thank you thank you!) Great news! Caffeine was once thought to be a significant diuretic, but that’s actually not true. Unless it’s consumed in large quantities (more than 500 to 600 mg a day, or two coffees) there aren’t such negative effects. In fact, studies have shown that urine output isn’t significantly changed when a person drinks a caffeinated beverage, rather than something non-caffeinated like water. So, as long as you enjoy your coffee in moderation, there’s not much to worry about.
  3. Drinking coffee can help you burn fat 🙌 Studies have shown that drinking caffeine can increase your metabolism 3 to 11%. It’s one of the few chemicals that can actually help with fat burning, so might as well drink up!  Okay we might have to cut back on the heavy creamers but still!


4. ☕️ Coffee starts out as a red berry BEFORE it becomes a bean.  See these gorgeous red berries?  Those are coffee berries and they grow on TREES!! Okay I guess you figured that out by the photo but I think it’s cool 🌝

5.  Iced 🥃coffee is more expensive because it uses more resources.  From plastic cups to napkins to double brewing (re-brewing coffee a second time to make it stronger), the resources needed for iced coffee are more numerous (and expensive!) than hot coffee is. All of that adds up, and it causes establishments to charge more for their iced drinks than their hot-beverage counterparts. (I guess no more complaining at our coffee houses now we know why!)

Pretty cool huh?  Are you a coffee lover?  Tell me how you like to drink yours?


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