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Easy DIY Spring Vase Tutorial Project

Spring is in the air and time to brighten up the home after a long dark winter.  I started much earlier than most since I live in the desert and well, winter just didn’t happen this year for us.  Today, I want to show you a great way to dress up  a normally blah looking vase.  I think you will find this an easy DIY Spring vase project.  I am all about easy!

Materials Needed

  • Vase – 7 3/4 inches tall give or take and about 1/4 of an inch in diameter.  A Pirouline tin (that hold those yummy straw cookies works perfect) just look around your home you’ll find something!  The cookie tin however works wonders..
  • Paper Straws – I use Paper Mart for most of my crafting supplies.  Take a look they are .89 cents for 10.  They have a wide selection but you can also find them at Target.  You will need 4 packets of 10 for this project.
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Jute Twine
  • Scissors




  • Wrap your vase with double sided tape
  • Wrap twine tightly around vase so it sticks to the tape it should like the photo above
  • Take two pieces of double sided tape wrap one piece at the top & bottom of vase over jute.

It should look like this below……


Now you will place the straws onto the vase like so, below…


For added charm wrap some twine around the middle and attach a pretty charm to it.  You can get charms at your local arts and crafts store on the cheap.


And there you have it!


I’d like to give credit to Amy Krist for this fabulous idea!  I hope you enjoy making yours as I did mine!  Until next time


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