Color Decorating Tips

When The Blues Are Good For You

When it comes to the color blue many hues come to mind.  Today I’d like to talk about using the hues of light to aqua blue and teal.  I just think it is so fresh and beautiful myself and this is when I think having the blues is actually good for you 🙂



Light blues give off a sense of peace.  It dissolves tension and promotes tranquility.  Many often relate this color scheme to the ocean and beach.  Light blue especially brings ease into the home and harmony into relationships which makes it perfect in the bedroom for relaxation and unwinding after a long day.


blue collage jvuppercaseliving.jpg
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Decorating with Aqua and Teal color schemes inspires trust.  This is the color to use for ultimate relaxation.  Surround yourself with it when you have difficulty sleeping, dreaming or mediating.  Try an aqua duvet, vases or some decorative expressions and furniture.

What do you think about these colors?  What color(s) give you the warm and fuzzies?  Until next time.


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