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Kitchens The Heart of the Home

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In raising a family it is my experience that the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.  The kitchen just isn’t a place to prepare and cook meals it is a time to bond with kids and family.  Now that my kids are grown they love to relive some of their fond memories of baking cookies, making a mess, learning, and most of all having a great time.  One of their favorite things to do is come over, sit in the kitchen have come coffee and chat in the cozy atmosphere.

Creating and decorating a kitchen should be fun and full of your own artful expressions that makes your kitchen uniquely you!  Mine, well I am known as the rooster farmhouse Mom.  What’s your style?

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Whatever your style is it is quite do-able and is an easy DIY project that will transform your kitchen into what it is meant to be, the heart of the home.

Tell me, what’s your style of expression?



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